VARIETY | 4-Pack

  • $24.95
One 3.5 or 4oz bag each flavor

✔︎ No Gluten
✔︎ No Grains
✔︎ No Dairy
✔︎ No GMOs
✔︎ Certified Vegan
✔︎ Certified Kosher Ingredients

ORIGINAL | Juicy Apple • Maple • Ginger

Aromatic and delectable, our Original flavor can be enjoyed as a breakfast cereal, over ice cream and yogurt, or on its own as a tasty snack. Experience citrus-apple flavors with subtle notes of cinnamon, ginger, maple, and cardamom.  Although our Original mix gives you longer lasting energy, it won’t last long if you want to share…but we’ll leave that up to you!

CHOCOLAT NOIR | Nutty • Dark Chocolate • Decadence

Rich pieces of dark chocolate are paired with almond butter, cinnamon and a sprinkle of pure sea salt. Organic coconut syrup adds a touch of sweetness, making Chocolat Noir addictive and captivating. Just like the enticing film noir movies of the 1940’s, this mix is dark and dangerous with its rich, seductive chocolate in every bite.

SAVOUREUX | Savory • Smoked Paprika • Tamari

Smoked paprika brings this mouthwatering mix a roasted and savory flavor. Tamari,  garlic and pecans create a playful and healthy crunch that enhances soup, salad, veggies, and more. Or, you can simply enjoy on its own. Savoureux is how the French say “tasty” – need we say more?

FLAMBEAUX | Spicy • Chipotle • Coconut

Made with traditional New Orleans spices, this unique blend offers a kick of heat from cayenne and red pepper flakes with a note of onion and garlic. Flambeaux refers to the flaming torches used to lead Mardi Gras parades. As they say ‘laissez  les bon temps rouler’ – let the good times roll!

Mixes ship weekly on Mondays & Thursdays. 


  • GRAB & GO, LOW CARB HEALTHY SNACK: Gluten-free, Grain-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free*, No GMOs, Certified Vegan, Paleo*, Keto*

    *applies to certain flavors

  • ENJOY ANY TIME OF THE DAY: Tastes great as a cereal or sprinkled on yogurt, smoothies, ice cream, and oatmeal. Flavor up soup, salad, veggies, toast, and more. Or simply enjoy straight from the bag.

  • LONG LASTING ENERGY: Between 5-7g of protein per serving, low sugar energy boost any time of day or night.

  • ALLERGENS: Contains Almonds, Coconut and Cashews*, Pecans*, Walnuts*

    *varies by flavor


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Delicious Topping or Snack!

I tried the variety pack and every flavor was delicious but the savory SAVOUREUX was my favorite!

Nathan Tan
4-Pack for the WIN!!!!

I LOVE MY Becca's Petites snack mix. When I want savory it's there, when I want sweet it's there... it has saved me in the studio when I was between meals. Get some!

Paige Fassig

Great toppings for yogurt and ice cream!

Elise Brinck
Delicious, guilt-free and healthy snack!

I'm so lucky to have these amazing snacks in my local grocery. So happy to see them on Amazon because they are often sold out at the store. Love the bundle of all the flavors because it's hard for me to pick a favorite. So satisfying and love that it's grain free. It's a snack I can feel good about for myself and my family.

nina snyder
The best little snack EVER

These yummies are to die for. I have to say the green package one is my first love and I just wanna eat it right out of the bag but it is also great on top of oatmeal. My second love is the orange package and when I want a savory snack it's the go to but it is also delicious on top of my salads! Then there is chocolate and who in the world doesn't like chocolate, we can't be friends! I like the red package the least of the bunch and only because I am a sissy when it comes to spicy. It's not that spicy but me a wimp. I truly love them all, and hide them under the cabinet where the rest of the family doesn't look!!!! ALL MINE, my precious.