It started with a jar on a counter...

For Kevin

In 2015, I created a nutrient-rich snack for a dear friend undergoing chemotherapy treatments. I had set out to achieve the impossible. Making a delicious yet healthy, lower sugar snack that would mask the bitter, metallic taste from chemotherapy seemed impossible, but I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge.

So, I spent countless hours researching Kevin’s specific type of cancer, visiting blogs and forums, reading nutrition and medical books, combing through my holistic nutrition school notes, and finally, testing out the perfect flavor combination. 

I was determined to create a mix that Kevin could not only taste, but truly enjoy. I reverse engineered a granola-style snack mix that includes high-quality fats, protein, and various nuts and spices to help prevent nausea and depression, plus has antioxidants and cancer fighting properties. Each ingredient was meticulously selected for its nourishing and nutrient-rich property.

Every day I left a jar for Kevin. Although I didn’t intend to start a business, soon friends and family asked for their own jars of Kevin’s snack mix. To honor Kevin, in 2016, I began making Becca’s Petites available for everyone who shares the passion to live well.

Today, our mission is simple: Feed your hunger to live well!

They say you only live once, right?

l always strive to make the best of it!
Becca’s Petites and the Bouchées line really come from my heart. Each graphic on the shop or package is actually a tribute to something about my life.

I am a Southern, small town gal, born and raised in Alabama - ROLL TIDE! I grew up when kids could run free and were home by the time the lightening bugs came out. Southern hospitality rules applied - never met a stranger.

There was also never a dull moment, that’s for sure. We were all around one year apart, so pretty close together. I was the youngest of five. One of my older sisters died before I was born, so there were only 4 of us kids growing up together at one time. I had to share a room with my sisters, so there was no such thing as “personal space.”

I learned how to cook from my mother and even had an easy-bake oven growing up - not so much a Barbie girl, but I used my creative side to make and design dollhouses from scratch. Fast forward many years, I worked as a personal "chef" for clients with special dietary needs/requests.  

Family First

Before becoming a personal chef, I worked in different departments for Gap for over 14 years. Originally, I studied Aerospace Engineering and still have a love for Physics (hence the rocket on the package - on the go). To the moon and back. I was taught that you can be whoever you want to be as long as you are determined, work hard, and are nice in the process. It does seem a little “nutty” to work in such diverse industries, but it comes full circle to creating Becca’s Petites, as I’ve taken all my work and life experiences in creating this brand. I try to instill those values everyday to my loving three kids.

Today, our mission is simple: Feed your hunger to live well. We do this by crafting incredibly tasty mixes that can be enjoyed any time of the day, any place life takes you. Perhaps to the moon and back, impossible as it may seem.

Avec amour,