Our Story



It started with a jar on a counter. In 2015, I created a nutrient-rich snack for a dear friend undergoing chemotherapy treatments. I had set out to achieve the impossible. Making healthy food that would taste amazing while masking the bitter, metallic taste from chemotherapy without using loads of sugar was no easy task, but I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge. I spent countless hours researching Kevin’s type of cancer along with visiting blogs and forums, reading nutrition and medical books, combing through my school notes, and finally, testing out the perfect flavor combination. I was determined to create a mix that Kevin could not only taste, but truly enjoy. Each ingredient was meticulously selected for its nourishing and nutrient-rich properties. Every day I left a jar for Kevin, and soon friends and family asked for their own. To honor Kevin, in 2016, I began making BOUCHÉES available for everyone who shares the passion to live well.


As the baby of five, I was Mum’s little bite or “petite bouchée.” She taught me that everything you do should be done with love, and that nothing is impossible.

Not only was Mum Celiac, she also suffered from severely debilitating Multiple Sclerosis my entire life. I came into this world knowing it was my job to take care of her, and I quickly became her little shadow. I would help with cooking and cleaning and try to make her day as stress free as possible. Nurturing Mum was instinctive, and a significant part of that had to do with her diet. It was through her bouts with cancer that I saw firsthand which foods made her feel better and which made her feel worse, and the seeds for BOUCHÉES were firmly planted, with love.


Nothing brings me more joy than creating recipes and cooking delicious, healthy food for those I love. As a young girl growing up in the South with the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in my backyard, I used to dream of designing airplanes. It was, after all, where the rockets that put men on the moon were developed. In high school, I enjoyed physics so much that it quickly became my favorite subject. I began college studying aerospace engineering with a desire to achieve the impossible.

 As in aerodynamics, life’s twists and turns led me on a different creative path, where I found myself designing clothing in my late twenties and thirties, then developing recipes into my forties. 

 In 2012, inspired by Mum’s illnesses and a desire to combine my nurturing nature with my passion for food, I studied holistic nutrition and health coaching, and became a personal chef for those with special dietary needs. Yet again, I found myself wanting to heal others by understanding how to make healthy food taste amazing. My purpose in life came full circle as the seeds for BOUCHÉES were beginning to sprout.


Today, our mission is simple: Feed your hunger to live well. We do this by crafting incredibly tasty mixes that can be enjoyed any time of the day, any place life takes you. Perhaps to the moon and back, impossible as it may seem. 

 Avec Amour,