FLAMBEAUX | Enticingly Spicy

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Made with traditional New Orleans spices, this unique blend offers a kick of heat from cayenne and red pepper flakes with a note of onion and garlic. Flambeaux refers to the flaming torches used to lead Mardi Gras parades. As they say ‘laissez  les bon temps rouler’ – let the good times roll!

Almonds, Coconut Chips*, Pecans, Onion Powder, Coconut Oil*, Coconut Chili Oil*, Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, Sea Salt*, Celery Salt, Cayenne Powder, Mustard Powder, Red Pepper Flakes. No GMOs. *certified organic 


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Nichole Carswell
Snack Mix Delight

I was so excited to receive my Becca's Petites Bouchees today! This snack mix is incredible. I normally do not like spicy things but Flambeaux is bursting with all the right kinds of spice. I tried this snack mix when I was out in California several years ago, and you cannot go wrong with any of the four flavors. Flambeaux is definitely my fave! I am thrilled it's available on Amazon! I will definitely be purchasing again!


can you say scrumdiliumcious?? this is savory and nutty. good to eat alone or in soups yogurt or cottage cheese. perfect little snack to please the cravings.....


YUM! I love the heat of these and feel satisfied and energized after just a handful. I will be ordering these again! :)

Brent Baltzer
One of the best tasting low carb snacks!

One of the best tasting low carb snacks!

Amazon Customer
My new favorite snack, HOWEVER....

I really like this. Goes great on a salad or just to eat as a snack (kind of like a trail mix). Isn't too spicy but if eating it straight the spice does build up as you eat more. I like spicy so nowhere near too spicy at any point. Flavor is outstanding. HOWEVER, if you do not like coconut this is not the snack for you. I love coconut and I love how the sweet from the shaved coconut plays with the spices. But I do know some people (like my wife) don't like shaved coconut so she wasn't a big fan. More for me though! :)

Entire package is 8 net carbs which is great. Package reseals with zip-lock type function which is also nice. Excited to try other flavours. Flambeaux is the one this review is about.